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  • DailyFemale.co.uk

Laurie Bronze reveals her tips for staying youthful.

Laurie Bronze, 54, says pursuing her passion for blogging helps to maintain her ageless appearance. She also uses a collection of at home gadgets that promote collagen and smooth wrinkles.Jan Moir believes foods decorated with gold shimmer and edible glitter are tasteless. She asks if we are dim children who require food to look pretty before we are tempted to eat it.This week, Bestselling author Gill Hornby recommends the best novels on Christmas Eve including, Cecelia Ahern’s The Gift and Thomas Hardy’s Far From The Madding Crowd.An anonymous reader asked Dr Tracy Mountford for advice on reducing the appearance of under-eye bags. Dr Tracy advised a combination treatment including dermal fillers and radiofrequency.Editors from the top UK glossies including Red, Elle, Grazia and Marie Claire shared their golden rules for achieving effortless style throughout Christmas.This week, Rebecca Lowthorpe shares the trend for dazzling hair jewels. Inspired by her trips to the Fashion Awards and Chanel’s Metiers d’Art show, she shares her styling tips.

What will £45 buy you? .

This week, Liz Hemmings selects the stunning purple essentials for styling your home and lifestyle. Each item will inject vibrancy into your home for less than £45 per item.This week, an anonymous reader asked for Janet's advice on being excluded from a family holiday. Janet advised the reader to share her feelings with her daughter and to suggest time together.Helena Mueller, 38, from Cambridgeshire loves her Cockapoo, Lola, more than anything in the world and has bought her more Christmas presents this year than she has for her six-year-old son.This week, stylist Emily Monckton revealed the best chic Christmas jumpers to stay on trend throughout the season. Her selection includes items from Chinti & Parker, New Look and Asda.Jane Wurwand, 59, co-founded Dermalogica in 1986 with her husband Raymond after growing uncomfortable recommending 'smoke and mirrors' products whilst living in L.A.Fussy fiancées from around the world have revealed what they really think of the rings they were presented with by their hopeful partners on secret sharing site, Whisper.

Psychologist reveals why women should lie about finances.

According to London-based psychologist and novelist Hélene Fermont even in the healthiest relationships, there are some things that you other half just doesn't need to now about.From Prince George whizzing around the ice rink to Charlotte riding on the carousel with Kate, these spoof images imagine how the Cambridge family is getting in the festive spirit.Meghan, 36, worked at Humphrey Yogart in Los Angeles for $4 (£3 an hour) when she was just 13 years old. Her former boss said she was a hit with customers thanks to her outgoing personality.The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has taken place for 22 years and photographer, Russell James, 55, released never before seen images from the show in his new book, Backstage Secrets.Thrifty members of the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook have been sharing their efforts at making an alternative to the L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise ball.Chapman, 41, left the disgraced move mogul shortly after the first allegations against him emerged in a New York Times expose in October.

Photoshop users reveal their most bizarre creations.

A new series of photos shows the creepy images generated by software users with wild imaginations and varying degree of mastery of the picture editing program.The actress, 31, opened up about her approach to health, exercise and nutrition in a new interview, explaining how she now focuses on her well-being instead of the number on the scale.For his 2017 Christmas card, John Cessna, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, created a terrifying hostage scene in which he and his wife are tied up after being kidnapped by 'ICE-ISS.'Toast Meets World was famous on Instagram for adorably having her tongue hang out of her mouth because she had no teeth. Sadly, the puppymill rescue has passed away.The device, which is marketed under the name 'Pony Up Daddy', is intended to make it easier for children to hop—and stay on— their parents' backs during 'rides' around the house.DipClip clips to an air conditioner vent in a car and fits most dipping sauce containers from major chains. It also has a removable ramekin for squeezing out ketchup.

Topanga from Boy Meets World keeps visiting sunglasses.

Danielle Fishel, a.k.a, Topanga from Boy Meets World, keeps visiting a pair of bizarre yellow mirrored sunglasses with her husband, Jensen Karp, 38. They made five visits to see the Ray-Bans.The Lifetime reality series is returning in January, and for its sixth season the show's relationship experts have headed to Boston to pair six strangers.Charles and Seryl Kushner, both 63, were all smiles as they arrived to the house Jared and Ivanka Trump share in the upscale Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, D.C.Ugly Christmas sweaters are a favorite holiday tradition, but more and more ugly Chanukah sweaters are turning up, too.Lauren, 33, took to Instagram on Friday to share a snapshot of her sister Ashley, 28, posed alongside her new fiancé, aspiring filmmaker Julian LeFevre.Megan Schott, 30, from Nashville, Indiana dresses her son Forest up. Megan only posts photos of the 18-month-old if someone has donated to her charity fund in the past 24 hours.A paramedic mom, previously in a verbally abusive marriage, lost almost 100 lbs after a gastric bypass in January 2017. Katrina Eddy, 33, went from 250 lbs to 153 lbs and a size 20 to a 6.

The most festive pets that dressed up for the holidays .

Pet owners shared adorable photos of their animals dressed in festive costumes for the holidays and they're amazing. From dogs dressed as reindeer to cats wearing full Santa suits, they're hilarious.Iskra Lawrence danced around in nothing but a bra and underwear for a new Aerie photo shoot. The British model, 27, flaunted her booty in a tight orange workout outfit.London-born Diane Kendal, a make-up artist and product consultant for Marc Jacobs Beauty, said that you should avoid heavy lip liner, always apply lip balm and don't go too defined.The current hottest couple on the planet are not the first high-profile pair to select the spring date for their nuptials - with billionaires and A-listers set to share their anniversary.Chelsea restaurant and bar Goat is launching Astoria for New Year's Eve, a £10 cocktail that contains cannabis extract as well as vodka and passion fruit. It won't get you stoned, however.Claudia Winkleman. 45, has poked fun at controversial fashion choices on Strictly Come Dancing, including a Gucci dress that was likened to a tin of Heinz baked beans.

Prince Charles visits the Ramsbury Distillery in Wiltshire.

The Prince of Wales, 69, could be seen sampling the vodka and gin produced at the Ramsbury distillery on the Ramsbury Estate in Marlborough, Wiltshire on Friday.London photographer Dominika Cuda has produced a 300-page diary featuring nude portraits of sports professionals from around the world to raise money for aspiring athletes.Esme Hodge, from Thornbury, Bristol, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spastic diaplegia last year and until recently could only walk with the help of a frame.An image shared by Essex police telling the story of 'Sheila' who sought help to stay 'safely' in an abusive relationship has been blasted by followers who branded it 'dangerous'.AD FEATURE: If you want to embrace the glitzy trend but have no idea where to begin, we've rounded up the styling solutions you need to ensure you pull off the look with aplomb.Billed as 'the most high tech oil on the market' due to its blend of 32 natural plant ingredients, Lumity Skin's Nutrient Face Oil shifted 10,000 bottles on its launch and is now completely sold out.

Video shows vegan B12 Burger sizzling in a pan like meat.

The B12 Burger is set to be the first meat alike patty on sale in the UK in 2018. The plant-based patty contains only mushrooms, potato, wheat, soy and beetroot even though it looks just like real meat.Lewis, 15, who features in Channel 4's Extraordinary Teens: School of Life and Deaf on Thursday night, was born profoundly deaf, and wrestled with his decision to get a cochlear implant.Stephanie Alys is a co-founder of MysteryVibe, the company behind the Crescendo, a sex toy that can vibrate along to a range of Christmas classics including Jingle Bells.Ulrika Jonsson and her daughter Bo, 17, paid a surprise visit to Bristol Royal Children's Hospital to cheer up patients and raise awareness of the British Heart Foundation's Christmas Appeal.Tracie Nightingale, 49, from North Wales has entered her daughter Destini in 14 pageants costing £350 a time and has hit back at criticism of pageant parents, saying it's a safe environment.Proud parents are taking to social media to share snaps of their transformed Kmart cubby homes. The houses retail for $199 at Kmart - but the results look like they cost thousands of dollars.

Singapore mother flaunts gym-honed physique in bikini.

Managing director Laila White, from Singapore, works out five or six days a week and follows a diet of protein and vegetables. She showed off her incredible figure in bikini pictures.Surrey-based business coach Lisa Johnson insists that the office party is actually a useful networking opportunity where you can impress colleagues with your conversational skills.The pregnant Duchess, 35, looked understated but elegant in a black coat with silver buttons and a simple black hat as she joined William and Harry at St Paul's Cathedral in London.In 2016 Dutch food writer Janneke Vreugdenhil, 49, who has just released a new book Solo Food, was without her two sons on Christmas Day - and found it surprisingly enjoyable.Owners from around the world captured pets of all shapes and sizes getting into trouble with furniture and shared the hilarious images in an online gallery.The Spanish Queen, 45, has spent her third day in the West African country, today launching a project funded by Spain to try and stamp out female genital mutilation.

Chip shop owner serves up 1,100-calorie Christmas dinner.

Andrew Marshall, who runs Marshall's Fish Bar in Collumpton, Devon, says he first came up with the idea of a deep-fried Christmas lunch after experimenting with battering sprouts.Who What Wear has released a guide to the ideal time to shop at high street favourites such as Zara and Mango either in person or online, and it's all down to what day of the week they do a restock.He was once the hottest date on Tinder...but new loved-up photos of model Stefan-Pierre Tomlin and his girlfriend Gemma Foster prove the 27-year-old is definitely no longer looking for love.As the UK shivers in lows of -13C (9F), perhaps the population can learn a trick or two about battling the cold weather from these resourceful people.Western Australian couple Mary Kartesz-Wardroper, and her husband Alan Wardroper have got into the festive spirit remarkably early this year after they started decking their halls in September.Jungle queen Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo has revealed she was allowed to break the strict no make-up rules in I'm A Celebrity, because her acne-prone skin was an existing medical condition.

BBC's Male Rape: Breaking the Silence reveals the stigma.

Rape victim Alex Morgan (seen left and right, on the right) has launched a charity, Stay Brave UK, in a bid to give all victims a voice. He features in BBC Three's Male Rape: Breaking the Silence.EXCLUSIVE: Union J singer Josh Cuthbert, 25, from Ascot, Berkshire, opened up about his struggle with self-esteem as he posed topless for a new photoshoot.German supermarket Aldi has unveiled a Specially Selected Prosecco Infused British Chicken for just £4.99 as sparkling alternative to the traditional turkey this Christmas.Photos from all over the world reveal some of the funniest construction fails, including a balcony with no door or window and a bathroom that has a very interesting and slightly psychedelic feel to it.Aesthetic surgeon Professor Marcos Sforza tells FEMAIL about the latest aesthetic trends, technological advances and surgical techniques that are tipped to shake up the industry in 2018.Wealthy youngsters from around the world have been using Snapchat to boast about using iPads as plates, while one moaned their wad of money didn't fit their wallet.

Femail reveal the most luxurious Christmas crackers ever.

From leather goods to miniature bottles of Champagne, these swanky Christmas crackers from British retailers are sure to impress even the most discerning guests.Australian-based refrigerator expert Jean-Marc Adele, shared with FEMAIL his six best tips for preparing your kitchen for Christmas Day. He explained the prep starts now.Australia's Byron Bay hipster Mitch Gobel has admitted he's no longer staying sober despite his path to sobriety following a secret three-year battle with alcohol and drug addiction.Online shopping goliath Wish.com has sparked outrage on social media after it used images of slender models stretching plus-sized tights over their whole bodies to advertise larger-sized hosiery.EXCLUSIVE: Professor Shirley Tate, from Leeds Beckett University, said that race is a 'massive factor' in Alexandra Burke's unpopularity on this year's series of the BBC dancing contest.Owners from around the world shared hilarious photos that capture their cats looking very unimpressed after having their cheeks, chins and faces stung by a pesky bee.

How to trade Quality Street chocolates fairly.

Graphics reveal the real proportion of chocolates in a 750g tub of Quality Street, which do not match up to what customers actually want in a box. The poll shows The Purple One is the best loved.Editor Claire Sanderson, 39, from Hampshire Victoria Joy, 32, and Florence Mitchell, 22, both from London took on a complete diet and fitness transformation challenge over 12 weeks.Jacqueline Gold, 57, appeared on ITV's Lorraine to talk about her secret cancer battle, and revealed that the 'only time' she cried was when the 'first clump of hair fell out'.Patrick Walsh told his mother Elaine, 54, from Devon he had a flu but not to worry, hours before he died from a cardiac arrest in California. It's thought he had an undiagnosed heart condition.

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